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Ready for class!!

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this is very important and needs more reblogs

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At the end of the day I don’t think there’s going to be some Marxist Leninist revolution that will overthrow capitalism any time soon

I don’t really think there will be an anarchist one either

but I do think we can help each other stay alive and form expressions of resistance that clear a space for us to live and work to constantly expand that space in a way that is also an attack on capitalist totality

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Parents: *talking*
Me: #listen later #reference

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my two best friends are starting uni this year and I’m so excited and happy for them :D almost makes me miss being a fresher…

September 02

We were actually quite rude about each other really. That’s really what’s fun about the camaraderie of old Doctors. It’s always based around a kind of affectionate insulting of your other Doctors.  - Peter Davison

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I got tagged by codleyjamgan and bc I’m a joy killer I’m not going to tag anyone

the questions are:

1. name

2. url

3. blog title

4. crush

5. favourite colour

6. write something in capitals

7. favourite band/artist

8. favourite number

9. favourite drink

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