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Not the vote I was looking for, but hopefully this referendum will encourage greater voter participation and perhaps votes for 16 year olds across the UK?

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Clear Yes vote in the No pile?

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“I’m tired of talking about feminism to men.

I’m tired of explaining to men that the feminist movement will, in fact, benefit them as well as women. I’m tired of trying to hawk gender equality like I’m some kind of car salesman showing off a shiny new sedan, explaining all of its bells and whistles. I’m tired of smiling through a thousand thoughtless microaggressions, tired of providing countless pieces of evidence, tired of being questioned on every. Single. Damn. Thing.I’m tired of proving that microaggressions exist, tired of proving that I’m unfairly questioned and asked for proof. For a movement that’s centered around the advancement and empowerment of women, why do I feel like I’m supposed to spend so damn much of my time carefully considering how what I say and do will be taken by men?

I’m tired of men who insert themselves into feminist spaces with claims of hurt feelings. I’m tired of men who somehow manage to make every issue about them. I’m tired of men like the one who recently stopped by a friend’s Facebook thread in order to call feminism “c*nty”, then lecture the women involved for being too “hostile” in their responses to him. I’m tired of men telling me that my understanding of feminism and rape culture are wrong, as if these aren’t things that I have studied intensely. I’m tired of men who claim to be feminist allies, then abuse that position to their own advantage. I’m so fucking exhausted by the fact that I know that I will have to, at some point in this piece, mention that I understand that not all men are like that. I will have to note that some men are good allies. And all of those things are true! And all of you good allies get cookies! But honestly,I’m tired of handing out cookies to people just because they’re decent fucking human beings.

Anne Thériault, I’m Not Your Feminist Mommy & I’m Tired of Holding Your Hand (via alwaysinyouratmosphere)

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so it feels like a no

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Peter Capaldi and his super pale arms

the dadskills blog is like heroin

i am… i am… extremely sorry…

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the saddest part of The Fault In Our Stars was definitely when Augustus fell into the chocolate river and got sucked up into the tube thing

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hey followers just a heads up, I’m off back to uni tomorrow and won’t have wifi til the 25th so I won’t be on tumblr much. you know me, I haven’t set up a queue so try not to miss me too much

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food should be free. water should be free. housing should be free. power, fuel, electricity should be free. basic necessities should be free.

the idea of “people should have to work for a living” carries the implication that some people deserve to die

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Zermatt, Switzerland (via j2studios)

Some sheep look more like stuffed toys than others…

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